Live Chat
  1. Placing an order

    • Minimum opening order is $250.
  2. Payment terms

    • We are a credit card only company. Payment information is required with order to be processed. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER & AMERICAN EXPRESS. Company checks are accepted in advance. Check must be cleared through the bank before the order is shipped. NO COD’s.
  3. Back orders

    • We only charge for merchandise shipped. All backorders will ship automatically when available and charged to your credit card when shipped.
  4. Cancellations

    • Cancellations of orders must be sent directly to [email protected] or please call us on 866-960-5865. If merchandise has been already shipped to customer, then return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.
  5. Products guarantee

    • If there is a defect or damage with any of our products please let us know immediately and we will credit you for the merchandise or replace it.
  6. Custom orders

    • A minimum quantity of 500 bags per style is required. Any special order or large bulk order will require a 50% deposit before production will begin. Please contact us for pricing details.