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  1. Classic Tote

  2. Advantage Bag

  3. Waxed Large Classic Tote

  4. CanvasCraft Leather-Handled Tote

  5. Waxed Commute Totes

  6. Grommet Tote

  7. Mini Advantage Bag

  8. Rope Tote

  9. Adventure Tote

  10. Knotted Rope Tote

  11. Jute Market Bag

  12. 24 oz Classic Tote

  13. Medium Metallics Classic Tote

  14. Vivera Bag

  15. Utility Tote

  16. Waxed Canvas Market Tote

  17. Handy Open Top Tote

  18. Motion Tote

  19. Motion Crossbody

  20. Essential Tote

  21. Colorblock Utility Tote

  22. Jute and Canvas Tote

    (24 left) Please note that this product is currently low in stock. Check below where it says, "More are on way" for an expected arrival date of more pieces. Please be aware that backorder dates are approximate and may be subject to change.
  23. Jute and Leather Tote

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